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Our innovation approach

Connected to the innovation ecosystems to support our sustainable growth

Our innovation strategy focuses on three major trends: energy transition, healthcare and digital transformation. Our Innovation teams design and deploy new offerings to improve the customer and patient experience and boost our operational excellence by working with external ecosystems. They all are committed to reduce the carbon footprint of assets, customers and with ecosystems.

€303 M

of innovation expenses in 2020


partnerships with industrial partners, academics and start-ups


employees contributing to innovation

Our innovation contributes to low-carbon growth

The wide range of innovative technologies and solutions in the field of energy transition, reinforced by the strength of digital and strong integration within the ecosystems, allow the Innovation teams to contribute to the Group’s sustainable growth. 

Air Liquide is a leader in the global Hydrogen Energy economy. Hydrogen – in particular low-carbon hydrogen – plays a key role in the fight against climate change and the energy transition (mobility, energy). For more than 40 years, Air Liquide has been developing unique expertise in the mastery of the entire hydrogen chain (production, storage, and distribution).

From R&D to Global Markets & Technologies, Air Liquide develops solutions in a circular economy approach. The Innovation teams are working on the transformation of biomass into biomethane and organic fertilizer, using the Group’s membrane technologies which purify biogas to produce biomethane and allow for it to be injected into the grid. 

The Innovation teams are also currently working on improving the energy efficiency of production units, as well as on CO2 capture and valorization technologies.

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Our innovation serves customers and patients and boosts operational excellence 

  • Digital for new services and offers

    Innovation also focuses on the deployment of new offerings for the Group’s customers and patients. Thanks to their proximity with their customers, Air Liquide’s teams are in a position to anticipate future usages, invent new solutions and roll them out in the relevant markets.

    For example, the Group launched a breakthrough innovation, Qlixbi, which includes a next generation gas cylinder and a range of digital solutions for welding which radically transforms customer experience. Developed in close collaboration with more than 700 welding customers, this innovation has improved the way in which they use and manage gases in their industry on a daily basis.

  • Also, Air Liquide Healthcare, a pioneer in remote medical surveillance, scaled up its innovative offer Chronic Care ConnectTM program. The aims of remote medical surveillance include preventing complications, avoiding re-hospitalizations, and helping healthcare professionals gain time.

  • Innovation for operational excellence

    By combining its digital expertise with its technological capabilities, Air Liquide innovates through digital solutions which help optimize production operations. 

    For example, the global Smart & Innovative Operations (SIO) program relies on data analysis (Air Liquide collects one billion data each day on its production units) to improve the reliability of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen plants and optimize energy consumption.

Innovation with ecosystems

Air Liquide’s innovation strategy is part of an open ecosystem.

The Innovation and Development Division teams are located all around the world and work closely together. They gather Research & Development, Digital & IT teams (including Alizent), Global Markets & Technologies, i-lab (our innovation lab focused on understanding the new trends) and ALIAD teams.

Campus Innovation Paris Campus Innovation Francfort Nouveaux marchés Sassenage
Innovation Campus Paris Innovation Campus Frankfurt New Markets Sassenage
Campus Innovation Paris Campus Innovation Francfort Campus Innovation Tokyo Campus Innovation Shanghaï Campus Innovation Delaware Nouveaux marchés Sassenage Recherche & Développement Nouveaux marchés & Technologies et Hydrogène Energie Équipes du digital Ingénierie & Construction Autres entités ALIAD
Innovation Campus Paris Innovation Campus Frankfurt Innovation Campus Tokyo Innovation Campus Shanghai Innovation Campus Delaware New Markets Sassenage Research & Development Global Markets & Technologies and Hydrogen Energy Digital & IT (including La Digital Factory and Alizent) and I-Lab Engineering & Construction Others entities ALIAD




Air Liquide Innovation teams have developed more than 300 collaborations with customers, academic partners and technology institutes, suppliers and startups.

Our different ways of partnering with startups

Air Liquide has strongly strengthened its partnerships with startups to accelerate innovation and digital transformation for the benefit of the customer experience: the Group is working with more than 100 start-ups worldwide in different ways.

Through ALIAD, the Group’s Venture Capital, Air Liquide supports the growth of technology start-ups by taking minority stakes in them.

Thanks to many collaborations with incubators and accelerators, such as Techstars Paris, Greentown Labs or the Total startup accelerator, the Group has identified many start-ups to work with and develop new businesses.

Accelair, the Air Liquide deeptech start-up accelerator offers selected start-ups, access to experimental spaces as well as a support program with Air Liquide experts, all with the aim of accelerating time-to-market of their offer.

To enhance the value of the ecosystem of start-ups that work closely with the Group, Air Liquide has created the "trusted by Air Liquide" label. Talented start-ups can benefit from this label as long as they meet certain criteria and provide a solution or product to an Air Liquide operating entity or conduct co-development activities with a Group Innovation entity.

Group's innovation entities and Operations co-develop with start-ups digital offers, equipment or products in agile mode, to accelerate innovation

Stories of Air Liquide partners’ startups


The Label “trusted by Air Liquide” only expresses the fact that Air Liquide (or one of its Affiliates) has chosen to carry out a co-development project with the Start-up, or has chosen the Start-up as a supplier. The Start-up undertakes not to give it any other interpretation, including (i) not to present the Label as a general value judgment about the Start-up, its activity, or the way in which it conducts its business, as an indication or advice for investing in the Start-up, or as a recommendation to purchase its products or services, and (ii) not to present the Label as implying the existence of an association or a joint venture or whatever partnership, de facto or de jure,  between Air Liquide (or one of its Affiliates) and the Start-up, nor as empowering it to act or speak on behalf of Air Liquide or any of its Affiliates.

The Start-up is not allowed to use the Label in the United States of America or on any medium  (physical or electronic, including, with no limitation, websites, social networks and e-mails) containing messages addressed to citizens or legal persons of United States nationality (USA). Any Affiliates or branches of the Start-up with headquarters in the USA is hereby expressly excluded from any rights  to use the Label.