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Our innovation approach

Connected to the innovation ecosystems to support our sustainable growth

The Group’s innovations are in line with major mega-trends representing promising areas of development while responding to the challenges of the Group’s customers and patients: the energy and climate transition, changes in healthcare, digital, development of deep tech. Air Liquide draws on its internal and external innovation ecosystems to develop differentiating solutions for its customers and patients, open up new markets and then contribute to the Group’s sustainable growth.

€303 M

of innovation expenses in 2020


partnerships with industrial partners, academics and start-ups


employees contributing to innovation

Innovation serving the energy transition

The wide range of innovative technologies and solutions in the field of energy transition and in the environment protection, reinforced by the strength of digital and strong integration within the ecosystems, allow the Innovation teams to contribute to the Group’s sustainable growth, which commits to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

In 2020, Air Liquide dedicated 100 million euros of its innovation expenses to the energy transition, particularly to the development of low carbon hydrogen and biomethane.

Approximately 8 billion euros will be invested in the low-carbon hydrogen supply chain by 2035.

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Biomethane serving the circular economy: providing energy by recovering waste

Air Liquide purifies biogas from the fermentation of organic and agricultural wastes to obtain biomethane. It is then injected into the domestic grid or liquefied for transportation, storage and distribution as a clean alternative fuel or as industrial fuel. 

  • 20 biomethane production units around the world, including 2 inaugurated in 2020
  • 250,000 tons of CO2 avoided over the last 3 years

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Innovation in the Healthcare sector

Air Liquide is one of the world leaders in this constantly changing business sector. The Group is committed, alongside patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals, to contributing to making the healthcare system more efficient, in particular with digital.

The Air Liquide Healthcare offer in telemedicine: Chronic Care Connect

In 2020, Air Liquide continued to deploy its medical remote offer Chronic Care Connect Cardiac, for patients with heart failure. It brings together a medical decision support software platform which uses clinical remote medical data processed by predictive algorithms, with a monitoring center in which nurses check the relevance of the alerts generated. The aim of Chronic Care Connect is to improve the quality of patient care, to reduce unplanned hospital readmissions and the associated costs by optimizing care after hospitalization.

A reduction of 21% in the risk of first hospitalization (a)

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Digital at the heart of innovation

Digital is now part of all new offers and is also at the heart of all efficiency initiatives, as it allows more efficient processes, a better Customer and User experience and a greater efficiency to enhance operational excellence.

Data for predictive maintenance

Air Liquide set up the international program Smart & Innovative Operations (SIO) which relies on  on data analysis to improve the reliability of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen plants and optimize energy consumption. 

  • +200 sites with predictive maintenance
  • +600 early detections of maintenance needs

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Air Liquide also brings innovative solutions thanks to the development of deep tech, whether in electronics, extreme cryogenics or space exploration.

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Innovation with ecosystems

Air Liquide’s innovation strategy is part of an open ecosystem. It relies on our Innovation Campuses, in Europe, in America and in Asia, and on the Campus Technology Grenoble in France.

The Innovation and Development Division teams gather Research & Development, Digital & IT teams (including Alizent), Global Markets & Technologies, i-lab (our innovation lab focused on understanding the new trends) and ALIAD teams.

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Our different ways of partnering with startups

Air Liquide has strongly strengthened its partnerships with startups to accelerate innovation and digital transformation for the benefit of the customer experience: the Group is working with more than 100 start-ups worldwide in different ways.

Through ALIAD, the Group’s Venture Capital, Air Liquide supports the growth of technology start-ups by taking minority stakes in them.

Accelair, the Air Liquide deeptech start-up accelerator offers selected start-ups, access to experimental spaces as well as a support program with Air Liquide experts, all with the aim of accelerating time-to-market of their offer.

Our teams dedicated to innovation

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(a) OSICAT (Optimisation de la Surveillance ambulatoire des Insuffisants Cardiaques par Télécardiologie) Clinical Trial, issued in 2020, including 990 cardiac patients in France, on the risk of first hospitalization. Although the primary endpoint is not reached, the results show a 21% reduction in the risk of occurrence of the first hospitalization for heart failure.