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The exploration of space continues

Cryogenics and gas engineering play a decisive role at every key stage of the exploration of space. A journey to the heart of the largest international space projects sent into orbit. Lift off!

Energy transition
Ice Memory: preserving the archives of the climate

Put in place by an international team of glaciologists, the Ice Memory program aims to preserve the memory stored in glaciers endangered by climate change across the world. The goal is to store ice cores from these glaciers in Antarctica so future generations of researchers can continue to study this priceless raw material.

Industry of the future
Smart innovative operations
CES 2018
The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveils the technologies of the future.
Discover also how Air Liquide invests in startups, in its open innovation approach.
Open innovation Read on

"Open Innovation, a key to transforming customer experience"

Benoît Potier
Chairman & CEO
Open innovation
Additive manufacturing: a bridge to the future

A stainless steel walkway designed by several robots equipped with welding arms... This is the technological prowess of the project known as "MX3D" that will soon span one of Amsterdam's canals: a world first!

Energy transition
Energy Observer: the first hydrogen vessel around the world

Drawing energy from nature without damaging or wasting it is the Energy Observer team’s vision for the future. The vessel is a catamaran powered by hydrogen and renewable energies. Air Liquide, which has been involved in the development of hydrogen energy, particularly for mobility, for over 20 years, is supporting this scientific and technological project showcasing the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

Customer experience
Trust in performance with EXELTOP™

Following the success of ALTOP™ and SMARTOP™ valves, EXELTOP™ combines Air Liquide's best technologies and expertise in an advanced built-in regulator for industrial gas cylinders. It has been designed to bring customers a better user experience and safety of gas cylinders.

Gas encyclopedia
Find complete information on more than 60 molecules.
Industry of the future

"With Connect, Air Liquide has completed an important step in its digital transformation by beginning the large-scale deployment of the factory of the future"

Guy Salzgeber
Executive Vice President, Europe Industries Hub Executive Vice President

Connected solutions for sleep apnea

Follow Paul's year-long story and discover how treatment and our support program have improved his health and his quality of life.

Energy transition
Cryocap™ CO₂ cold capture system: unlike any other in the world

Air Liquide is constantly seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its production facilities and also to offer its customers the most environmentally-friendly technologies and applications available. With Cryocap™, the Group is opening up new vistas for reducing the CO₂ emissions released by its own production sites and those of its customers around the world.

Cryocap™ CO₂ cold capture system: unlike any other in the world
Inside smartphones: the nanotechnology revolution

Despite being invisible, gases and molecules are essential to digital mobility and connectivity. They make possible the nanotechnology that has increased devices’ computing power and energy efficiency exponentially in the past decade.

Energy transition

Hydrogen could contribute to


of CO2 emissions reduction targets by 2050

Read the press release dated November 13, 2017
Customer experience
ALbee™: breaking new ground in small gas cylinders

Air Liquide’s ALbee™ product range has been specially engineered to meet the needs of craftsmen, combining unparalleled ergonomics with convenience and safety.

Energy transition
Under the Pole II, exploration as energy for the future

Supported by the Air Liquide Foundation, led by Ghislain Bardout and Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, Under the Pole II is an overland and underwater expedition in the Arctic that began in January of 2014 and ended in the fall of 2015. With the sailboat WHY as its base, the expedition’s objective was to study the entire annual cycle of the Arctic ecosystem, both on the surface and under the polar ice cap.

Energy transition
Hydrogen, the quiet revolution

Light and natural, hydrogen has an obvious role to play in the energy mix. Now that the first standard production hydrogen-powered cars have been put on the market, this energy solution is coming to our cities. In fact, it's an accessible alternative that meets the challenges of clean transportation.