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Industry of the future  | September 16, 2021 | 5 mins

Training young people in digital technology in South Africa

The Air Liquide Foundation has teamed up with the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, South Africa’s flagship science center and Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest, to support information technology training for underprivileged youths. This 27-week program will help 26 students gain a much-needed vocational qualification and enter the workforce with confidence.

Customer experience  | September 09, 2021 | 4 mins

Creating more value with our suppliers

Air Liquide’s sustainable procurement policy focuses on suppliers with best-in-class environmental, social, ethical and economic performance. From selecting sustainability-critical suppliers to identifying corrective actions and ensuring continuous improvement, close collaboration is critical every step of the relationship. Karen Quah, Senior Analyst, Sustainable and Collaborative Procurement for Air Liquide in Asia Pacific, tells us more.

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Healthcare  | September 02, 2021 | 4 mins

Working with associations for the benefit of patients

Air Liquide, as a major player in home healthcare, works with patient associations to adapt its solutions that support chronic diseases and lifestyle changes. To help people with diabetes, the Group has collaborated with the French association Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques (AJD) to provide international reach to a series of educational videos aimed at young diabetics. We met with Carine Choleau, Director of Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques.

Customer experience  | August 26, 2021 | 5 mins

Strengthening the sustainable development criteria in our customer surveys

Since the launch of Air Liquide’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform in 2017, many of our entities have collected customer feedback on our environmental performance. In line with our recently announced sustainable development objectives, the Group now plans to go one step further, covering all activities and geographical areas, while enlarging the scope of the questions to new topics, such as ethics and sustainable development.

Energy transition  | August 19, 2021 | 7 mins

Hydrogen and biomethane, the mobility revolution

Hydrogen has a key role to play in the energy mix of the future and is, along with biomethane, at the heart of the clean transport revolution. Air Liquide is committed to the energy transition and is currently strengthening its lead in these growth markets by developing large-scale projects and strategic partnerships.

ACT for a sustainable future

Healthcare  | August 12, 2021 | 5 mins

Towards a new approach to value-based healthcare

Improving the quality of life of patients requires an overhaul of the continuum of care. As a leading home healthcare provider, this is our conviction. Doing so requires putting the benefits expected by our patients first and measuring them. Air Liquide, in partnership with healthcare professionals, is coordinating an approach which favors personalized support programs for patients in their homes. This approach has reached a new level with the health crisis.

Energy transition  | August 05, 2021 | 4 mins

Naturally gas! How biomethane is playing a key role in the UK energy mix

Biomethane is an upgraded form of biogas which can be used to fuel trucks, fed into the grid or used for industrial applications in place of fossil-based natural gas. Moreover, as it is produced from waste products, this renewable form of natural gas has a highly positive environmental impact. These characteristics have not gone unnoticed, as the UK government regulations begin to favor biomethane and business to discover its potential.

Industry of the future  | July 29, 2021 | 5 mins

In the race for innovation: electronics and deep tech

Innovation never stops. It’s the lifeblood of our customers’ industries, and it’s in our DNA. In 2020, as the world adapted to the Covid-19 crisis, Air Liquide picked up the pace to meet accelerated demand for digital technology, energy transition and scientific research.

Discover the H2OME fiction podcast

A 6-episode sci-fi story about how we managed to build a sustainable society by leveraging the systemic abilities of hydrogen

Industry of the future  | July 21, 2021 | 5 mins

Industry: when proximity leads to innovation and agility

The health crisis has put pressure on production and logistics chains in many sectors. Air Liquide supports manufacturers in their quest for agility, competitiveness and sustainable solutions thanks to its unique strengths: technological expertise, in-depth knowledge of customer processes, its presence at the heart of local economies… And its ability to innovate relentlessly.

Energy transition  | June 30, 2021 | 3 mins

Hydrogen, a new era for aviation

Aviation is responsible for 2% of CO2 emissions and is at the heart of ecological issues. For aircraft as well as for airports, hydrogen could help cut emissions by 50% by 2050. Present across the entire hydrogen value chain, Air Liquide is using its technical and industrial expertise in hydrogen to help decarbonize aviation from the ground to the air. Learn how.

Open innovation  | June 21, 2021 | 6 mins

ALIAD: the (many) advantages of innovation capital

Air Liquide believes that innovation must form part of an open ecosystem. In 2013, the Group created ALIAD, a venture capital company, to acquire stakes in promising start-ups in three areas: energy transition, healthcare and digital. We spoke to Matthieu Eyriès, director of this entity, which has eight members based in Paris and San Francisco.

Génération Hydrogène

Relive this 100% digital event to know everything about hydrogen!

Digitization  | June 04, 2021 | 3 mins

How 5G technology is as simple as it is revolutionary

Automated cars, intelligent production lines organising, and remote medicine: these are just some of the applications for 5G mobile broadband which – as futuristic as they sound now – will have been made possible by the new networks before the end of the decade.