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Air Liquide at the 2019 Paris Air Show

On the occasion of the 2019 Paris Air Show, Air Liquide presented its innovative solutions in space and aerospace, such as the use of hydrogen as a viable energy alternative for aircraft. It was also an opportunity to discover new technologies developed for the future Ariane 6 launcher or for electric propulsion for satellites and its projects in connection with space exploration (moon village, ExoMars, etc.).

A major player

Air Liquide designs systems that generate gas for use both onboard aircraft and on the ground. The Group has also established its reputation in the field of space thanks to its expertise with rocket launchers (ground resources and Ariane launchers), in the design of cryogenic equipment for satellites as well as space exploration (MTG, Herschel, Planck, Melfi, Curiosity, ExoMars, etc.).

Life support in aerospace

Air Liquide is a key partner for life support in aerospace. Thanks to its expertise in the field of air gas separation technologies, Air Liquide has developed cutting-edge expertise in aerospace and, today, is a partner of choice in civil and military aviation. Air Liquide offers gas-related equipment onboard aircraft and on the ground :

  • The OBOGS for the supply of oxygen on board aircraft
  • The OBIGGS for the protection of aircraft fuel tanks (nitrogen)
  • Portable oxygen equipment for cabin crew and oxygen cylinders for passenger
  • Gas generation for ground devices, cryogenics for optronics and aerospace customer support

Hydrogen: a high potential

Furthermore, Air Liquide works on hydrogen energy for aerospace, in order to reduce pollution in airports and in the air. Hydrogen could be used for the next generation of aircraft.

Air Liquide develops high-tech hydrogen storage and distribution systems for aircraft manufacturers investigating the use of non-fossil fuels to generate electrical power on board for several applications. We also conduct studies on hydrogen supply chain options including the airport hydrogen infrastructures.

Space cryogenics

Air Liquide has built a solid reputation in the space industry as a player in the space adventure for launchers (cryogenic tanks, gas management devices, production and supply of gases), as a partner of the scientific community, participating to eleven international space missions, and through its participation to the space exploration.

Thanks to its mastery of cryogenics and management of gases in this field, Air Liquide is associated with the largest international space projects: the Ariane program, observation satellites (Herschel, Planck, MTG, etc.), the International Space Station (with the cryogenic freezer Melfi) and also Curiosity and ExoMars

Air Liquide is associated with the largest international space projects

Today, Air Liquide is pursuing its ambitions in the space industry through three main areas:

Launchers and the Ariane 6 project, capitalizing on its savoir-faire and experience acquired from the start of Ariane 1 through to Ariane 5, in connection of a global offer that covers ground, onboard, gases, and services.

Satellites, thanks to its innovative pulse tube technology (cold production using pulsed gas tubes) and complete offer for electric propulsion.

Space exploration involving the challenges of renewable energy production, in particular for future facilities on the Moon (Moon village analog) and equipment for MOMA (Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer), the principal instrument of ExoMars, which will be launched in 2020.

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Article published on June 21, 2019