Situation in Ukraine

In the context of the terrible tragedy of the war in Ukraine and its consequences, the Group is taking action through the Air Liquide Foundation, with the support of its employees.

Regarding its operations in Russia, the Group is considering all options; taking into account the fact that Air Liquide provides medical oxygen to hospitals in addition to its industrial activity in the country. 

Air Liquide, whose activities in Russia represent less than 1% of the Group’s sales, rigorously applies international economic sanctions. In this context, the Group has decided to put on hold all of its foreign investments in the country. As sanctions evolve, we are also in the process of ending the supply to some customers. We could also consider transitioning out from some major projects and the Electronics activity.

To support Ukrainian refugees, the Group has allocated an immediate donation to the Air Liquide Foundation for the implementation of a humanitarian action. The Foundation's Selection Committee has already validated about fifteen humanitarian projects led by humanitarian associations to support refugees. This action by the Group complements a whole range of exemplary local initiatives, in particular from our entities located in Romania and Poland.

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