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In an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, Air Liquide keeps the satisfaction of all its customers at the heart of its actions and implements action plans to continuously improve it.

Meeting the needs of a wide array of sectors

In the industrial sector, Air Liquide meets the needs of 2 million customers worldwide. These customers come from sectors as varied as steel, food, electronics and crafts. The Group aims to be close to its customers by acquiring in-depth knowledge of their business in order to provide them with innovative and reliable services and solutions. In particular, Air Liquide enables its industrial customers to carry out their production in a safer, more sustainable and more economical way and supports them in their development.

Air Liquide regularly measures customer satisfaction and loyalty in all its sectors and has set up a standardized process based on the NPS (Net Promoter Score®️) and the CSat (Customer Satisfaction Index).

A successful customer commitment

To be the leader in customer satisfaction in its sector, Air Liquide has launched, with the Neos strategic plan and a commitment to customer-centric transformation, a set of initiatives to study in detail its customers' journey, their points of contact and define continuous improvement projects to deliver a better, long-term experience.

One way to ensure that our actions were successful with our customers was the launch in March 2017 of the Voice of the Customer digital platform to collect and analyse customer feedback in real time, worldwide.

Thanks to this system no voice is ignored and dissatisfied customers are instantly identified and the reasons for their dissatisfaction are addressed without delay.

  • 100,000 feedbacks from customers and patients collected since 2017
  • 88% of customers satisfied or very satisfied with Air Liquide in 2019

Regarding our strengths, our customers particularly appreciate the quality of Air Liquide's products and services, safety, and the behavior and efficiency of the teams in contact with them.

Proximity and expertise

Customers demand a high level of flexibility, responsiveness, service, availability and a genuine long-term partnership. The Group's organization enables each entity, in its geographical area, to meet these requirements and specific local expectations, and thus to build a close relationship with each customer.

For the past 10 years, this organization has been supplemented by a fully coordinated global management system for major international and strategic accounts. It relies on a team of Strategic & Key Account Managers whose task is to develop in-depth knowledge of these clients in order to better meet their specific needs and be strategically aligned with their growth priorities.

On the basis of these privileged relationships, Air Liquide co-develops projects with its customers that go beyond the contractual terms in order to bring them greater efficiency, reduce risks and open untapped sources of value creation.

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