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I buy Air Liquide shares

How do I buy Air Liquide shares? Discover the different ways you can buy shares and types of transactions we offer.

Where can I buy shares of Air Liquide?

There are two ways to buy Air Liquide shares: either directly from Air Liquide, or from a financial institution, for example a bank.

Your shares are directly registered

You can buy your shares directly from Air Liquide without resorting to a financial intermediary.  Opening a securities account with Air Liquide is free, and has no management or handling fees. Your shares are registered in your name in the Air Liquide register and Shareholder Services Department acts as your point of contact.

Once you have opened a securities account with Air Liquide, there are three ways you can buy shares:

  • From your Shareholder Portal where you can directly place your stock orders and benefit from one of the lowest broker fees in the market without a minimum purchase: 0.1% excl. tax
  • Over the phone by dialing 0 800 166 179 (for free calls from France) or +33 1 57 05 02 26 (for international calls)
  • Via email by sending a Stock Market Order Form filled out on our dedicated page by selecting “Stock orders,” then “Place an order".
  • By mail, sending your request to the following address: Air Liquide — Shareholder Services Department — TSA 91948 — 62978 Arras Cedex 9

The shares are bearer shares by default or intermediary registered shares

You can buy your shares from a financial institution via a securities account or a share savings plan at the financial institution. By default your shares are “bearer shares.” You can ask your financial institution to convert them into “intermediary registered” shares and as a result benefit from Air Liquide’s loyalty bonus for intermediary registered shares owned for more than two calendar years. As such, it is in your interest to convert your shares as soon as possible following their purchase or at least before the start of a new calendar year. Your financial institution acts as your point of contact. 

Download the form to convert your shares to intermediary registered shares below and return it to your financial institution.

Please note that your financial institution may bill you for the share conversion.

Most frequently used stock market orders

Listed below are the three stock transactions offered by Air Liquide.

Market orders

A market order is a purchase without a price limit. It takes priority over all other order types and is executed in its totality.

Limit orders

You are the one who chooses what share price you want; you decide what purchase price you want. The order is executed if the market price is equal to or less than the price that you set. It may be only partially executed if the amount of tradable securities on the market is not available at the price you set.

Best price orders

You did not specify an exact price. The order is executed at the best price available when it reaches the market. The order may be partially executed if the amount of tradable securities on the market is not available at this best price.




with no minimum purchase for stock transactions made online from your Shareholder Portal (excl. tax)

Why choose to buy direct registered shares?

When you hold direct registered shares, you enjoy a number of benefits, such as:

  • Direct purchases from your online Shareholder Portal
  • Some of the lowest broker fees in the market, in particular when you place your transactions through the Shareholder Portal where the brokerage fee is 0.1% (excl. tax) with no minimum purchase.


Do you have questions?

Need help with your share purchase? Take a look at our answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

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