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Loyalty bonus

Rewarding the loyalty of our registered shareholders

Awarded to our direct registered and intermediary registered shareholders, the loyalty bonus adds 10% to the amount of dividends received and the number of free shares attributed¹. So if you register or convert your shares to registered form by December 31, 2018, you will receive the loyalty bonus from 2021 onwards.

Get the loyalty bonus... It's so simple!

To get the loyalty bonus, all you need to do is:

That's all there is to it

The amount of dividends you receive and the number of free shares attributed to you on the basis of registered shares held for at least two calendar years will be increased by 10%.

Pay attention to your buy and sell transactions, because when registered shares are sold, they are automatically converted to bearer shares, thereby losing the associated loyalty bonus.

Please note that free shares have the same characteristics (seniority, voting, dividend and loyalty bonus rights) as the shares they come from.

Lastly, please note that in the context of inheritance, donation or gift to a spouse or relative entitled to inherit the loyalty bonus attaching to Air Liquide shares is retained.

1. Applied to shares held for two full calendar years, subject to the conditions defined in Air Liquide's articles of association.


2018 I ask my financial institution to convert my shares to registered form before December 31
2019-2020 I hold on my shares for two full calendar years
2021-2022-2023... In 2021, I receive the first bonus on my registered shares and will continue to receive this every year as long as I hold my shares in registered form