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Who we are

Ambition, governance, history

Key figures

In a nutshell

  • Air Liquide is present in over 80 countries
  • We have approximately 68,000 employees (following the Airgas acquisition)
  • We now serve over 3 million customers and patients
  • 40% of the Group revenue is linked to protecting life and the environment

In 2015, the Group revenue was of 16,380 million euros (not including Airgas). Net profit reached 1,756 million euros.


Our businesses


  • 419 large units worldwide (ASU, SMR, Cogeneration)
  • A pipeline network that spans over 9,000 km
  • 12,000 trucks (including the Airgas fleet)
  • 21 million cylinders (including Airgas)


  • 15 engineering centers worldwide


  • 7,500 hospitals and clinics supplied
  • Over 1 billion euros invested in Healthcare acquisitions (past 5 years)


  • 282 million euros of expenses dedicated to innovation in 2015
  • 60% of these expenses are related to projects that help to protect life and the environment
  • Around 300 patents registered each year
  • 9 research centers located thoughout the world (Europe, Asia and the United States)
  • 6,200 employees of the Group contribute to innovation
  • The Group invested in 27 start-up through its venture capital arm ALIAD

All figures are as of December 31, 2015

Our shareholders

Our shareholders
  • Average return on a portfolio of Air Liquide shares over 20 years: +11.2% per year
  • In 2016, the dividend per share was €2.60
  • 62% of our shareholders own their shares for over 10 years
  • 28 Shareholder Services advisors to answer any inquiry

All figures are as of December 31, 2015

Air Liquide is transforming and it shows