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Pharma & Biotech

Reliable gases for strict regulatory standards

Pharmaceutical companies are subject to two constraints: strict regulation such as Pharmacopoeias and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and intense global competition. For example, the rapid development of generic drugs contributes to worldwide price pressure.

Delivering the highest levels of reliability

Air Liquide excels in the delivery of safe and valuable gas solutions to meet the demands of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers’ manufacturing. We know that the need for patient safety means that this industry is heavily regulated, resulting in strict quality assurance, mandatory traceability and a need for process control.

Serving the entire value chain of the pharmaceutical industry

Thanks to our understanding of international regulatory requirements, we address these complexities through the supply of reliable, high purity gas products and secure gas supply methods. With our advanced expertise in temperature control and gas-liquid mixing applications we are able to serve the entire value chain of the pharmaceutical industry, including R&D laboratories, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) producers and pharmaceutical companies.

Focus on

ALASKA™ the cryogenic cooling solution for reactors

Our ALASKA™ cooler units are designed to thermoregulate reactors through the circulation of a heat transfer fluid refrigerated using liquid nitrogen.

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ALASKA™ is an environmentally friendly cold source, particularly well suited to very low temperature conditions. Its high level of available cooling power monitors the exothermic level of a reaction in complete safety, for example penicillin synthesis using 6-aminopenicillanic acid. The experience gained by Air Liquide in the field of cryogenic techniques, and the process's simplicity are your assurance of safety and reliability.

The units are well suited for intermittent cooling, as is the case for batch-type chemical processes. ALASKA™ units are compact, noiseless and compliant with reduced sparking standards. Their installation start-up is fast and extremely low maintenance is required.

Over 100 ALASKA™ units have already been installed to meet the needs of our customers. Omnichem, Roche, Merck-Lipha and Schering-Plough are just some of the many pharmaceutical companies that use our units.



Reliable solutions for a challenging marketplace

Our end-to-end services have enhanced our reputation as a reliable supplier to world-class pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the globe. Our dedicated range of pharmaceutical grade gases, PHARGALIS™ meets the dual need for high performance and compliance with regulatory standards.

Conceived and intended for the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and drug products, our gases are traceable and delivered with certificates of analysis and conformity.

PHARGALIS™ gases comply with the three major pharmacopoeias

Engineered with a focus on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), PHARGALIS™ products also comply with the three major pharmacopoeias: USP-NF, Ph. Eur. and JP.

PHARGALIS™ gases are widely used at all steps of inerting production processes. Above all, our solutions help to preserve the quality of active ingredients and drugs, allowing our customers to more easily eliminate oxidation and prevent microbiological contamination of their products.

In addition to our PHARGALIS™ products, we have the capacity to provide integral solutions for related applications, such as reactor cooling, cell culture, cold chain logistics and cryo preservation.