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Air Liquide in Ivory Coast

World leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health

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Air Liquide Côte d'Ivoire

Head Office
Zone Industrielle Vridi, Rue Sylvestre L14
BP 1753 Abidjan
+225 21 21 04 40

About us

Air Liquide has been operating in the country since 1948 and founded the affiliate Air Liquide Côte d’Ivoire in 1961. Today, our team has about 70 employees.  Since the beginning, we support the development and supply our customers in Western Africa with wide variety of products and services:

  • Industrial gases
  • Medical gases and equipment
  • Welding and cutting equipement
  • Hygiene

In 2004, Air Liquide Côte d’Ivoire was awarded ISO 9001: version 2000 certification, delivered by the AFAQ (Association Française d’Assurance Qualité). In 2006, an Industrial Management System was implemented at Air Liquide to guarantee the safety and the reliability of our operations.  


Air Liquide started operations in the country





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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Air Liquide Foundation is supporting the establishment of income-generating agricultural practices in Ivory Coast and Ghana. In about 20 villages, the Pro-Natura association is training over 300 farmers in agro-forestry, an agricultural practice that combines both food crop cultivation and tree planting. Agro-forestry permits them to diversify their sources of income and to rebuilt biodiversity in the areas that are being cultivated.

Air Liquide Foundation

Locations & Contacts

Locations & Contacts

Ivory Coast

Air Liquide Côte d'Ivoire

Zone Industrielle Vridi, Rue Sylvestre L14
BP 1753 Abidjan
+225 21 21 04 40

Head Office Industry
Showroom Air Liquide

Showroom (Magasin de vente) Air Liquide
Côte d’Ivoire