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Hydrogen energy at the heart of the energy transition

In over 50 years, Air Liquide has developed unique know-how across the entire hydrogen chain (from production to storage and distribution). Through its expertise, the Group contributes to the wider use of hydrogen as a source of clean energy.

 A long-term commitment in the hydrogen energy markets and a strong ambition: becoming a major player in the supply of low-carbon hydrogen. 

Developing clean mobility

Hydrogen energy is one solution to the clean mobility challenge, to power cars, buses, trucks, trains, boats and even planes. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are electric vehicles equipped with a fuel cell which transforms hydrogen into electricity. The result: zero CO2 emitted, zero particulate and zero noise; these vehicles only emit water.

Answering the renewable energy storage challenge

Hydrogen is also an important ally for renewable energies in the energy transition challenge. It addresses the issue of intermittent electricity production (day/night alternation for solar power, irregular winds for wind power) by storing the electricity generated in the form of hydrogen. Adapting to real time needs, this hydrogen could then be reused to produce electricity, and thus facilitate the integration of renewable energies into existing energy networks.

This is the estimated decrease in the cost of producing low-carbon hydrogen by 20301.

Towards a hydrogen society

Hydrogen energy can also be used to heat our homes, fuel certain sectors such as heavy industry using clean energy sources, and meet the increasing energy needs of digital technologies, such as data centers. A framework for human activity which is much less dependent on fossil fuels is gradually being built, paving the way for a “hydrogen society”.

The view of Pierre-Étienne Franc, Air Liquide Vice President Hydrogen Energy

Video shot during Investir Day in October 2019.

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Article published on May 14, 2020