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Trust as the base to engage with our employees

Increasing Air Liquide’s positive impact means developing our employees’ ability to engage and go the extra mile for customers, patients and society as a whole. By creating a safer, more collaborative and inclusive work environment and providing the right support, we aim to empower our employees to develop their full potential.

Safety for all of our employees and our stakeholders

Safety is a fundamental value and is an integral part of Air Liquide’s operational excellence and culture. The Group is committed to efficiently reducing exposure to professional and industrial risks for its employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and local communities. In 2020, Air Liquide’s lost-time accident frequency rate dropped to 0.9 (vs. 1.2 in 2019), the lowest rate in 20 years.

Safety: a zero-accident ambition.

Believing in diversity as a source of performance

At Air Liquide, diversity is a source of dynamism, creativity and performance. An inclusive workplace with talents of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds is a key asset for the Group’s success. Thanks to the energy and inventiveness of our teams, Air Liquide continuously invents new practices and develops innovative solutions for customers and patients that improve performance. We can increase our positive impact on society by empowering everyone to grow and make a difference.

Diversity, a source of dynamism and a performance driver for Air Liquide

With 64,500 employees in 78 countries, 150 nationalities are currently represented within the Group. Air Liquide’s objective is to have diverse teams that represent the local culture in which they operate. The Group is also committed to creating equal opportunity for all and promoting a culture of inclusion, and has also set ambitious gender equality goals. In 2020, 30% of managers and engineers were women, and five of the current 15 Executive Committee members are women.
We commit to increasing to 35% of women among our managers and professionals by 2025. 

To promote diversity and a more inclusive culture, Air Liquide encourages each of its entities to develop initiatives that make their workforce more representative of their local communities. 

Common basis of care coverage for all employees

Present in 78 countries with diverse cultures, Air Liquide historically faces very different situations in care coverage for employees. As a social responsible employer, the Group is committed to offering a common basis of care coverage for all our employees.

We commit to providing 100% of our employees with common basis of care coverage by 2025 including life insurance, health coverage and new maternity leave policy.

A common basis of care coverage by 2025

Encourage employee engagement in local initiatives

Each of 64,500 employees has the potential to support their communities. Believing in our people means giving them opportunities to engage in initiatives for their local ecosystems.

We offer our employees the opportunity to devote time to a project or a mission supporting the Group's Sustainability objectives in their local communities. 

Giving opportunities to engage in local initiatives