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Centers of expertise

Centers of technical excellence

In addition to the (R&D, aB&T and E&C) technology entities that invent and develop new products and offers, the Group also has a series of marketing and market launch entities tasked with developing Group innovations to the point of industrial production.

Our mission

In 80 countries, our operational teams are responsible for deploying our innovations locally as soon as they are launched into the market.

These teams work in our ALTEC Networks, our Gas Packaging Center for Industry and Health, the Cryogenic Technologies Center, and our Centers of Expertise specializing in Healthcare, specialty ingredients and advanced electronics materials.


employees in our centers of expertise

Our organization

The ALTEC Networks

Our ALTEC networks gather experts located in 11 technical centers around the world.

Laboratoire combustion du CRCD

These specialists in customer applications and industrial processes (combustion, cryogenics, gas injection into liquids…) design the most appropriate gas solution to support our customers' specific needs to use our gases in their applications.

They develop and implement new innovations and technologies that allow industries to optimize their processes and achieve a more efficient use of resources.

Our ALTEC experts support the Group's development by building solutions with our customers.

Bouteille Takeo
We develop innovative solutions such as small gas cylinders for craftmen and the "intelligent" medical oxygen cylinders.

The Gas Packaging Center

The Gas Packaging Center aims to develop and industrialize new cylinders for Industry and Health that are easy to use, easily traceable, safe, and integrate digital technologies and new materials. Based in the Paris-Saclay Research Center, this development center works closely with our R&D and marketing teams.

The Cryogenic Technologies Center

Located at Vitry-sur-Seine in France, our Cryogenic Technologies Center aims to accelerate the time-to-market of innovative cryogenic production technologies, key to reinforcing Air Liquide group’s competitiveness and creating new opportunities in existing and future markets.

Centre cryogénique Vitry-sur-Seine
The New Cryogenic Technologies Center in Vitry-Sur-Seine, Paris (France).

As leading cryogenic production technical reference center, its roles include incubating oxygen and other air gas production technologies with fast prototyping means, developing and testing these new technologies, and industrializing innovative and high added-value prototypes and First-of-Its-Kind.

The Cryogenic Technologies Center is supported by Air Liquide’s multidisciplinary teams and external partners to promote innovation and encourage collaborative working.