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Research & Development

Opening new ways

We explore new territories in order to provide leading-edge solutions, which create added-value for our customers.

Our mission

As the leader of the global innovation ecosystem, we carry out research in cooperation with world-class universities and we deepen our partnerships in developing economies. Faced with energy and environmental issues and the growing pace of the digital revolution in healthcare, both in hospitals and at home, our R&D provides solutions to address the future challenges of society.

Innovation allows Air Liquide to open up new markets

R&D in 3 dimensions

Our global and agile organization explores 3 dimensions which interact to open up new possibilities and bring out disruptive innovations: Science, at the heart of our molecules and their valuable properties; Technology, ubiquitous in a very diverse portfolio of processes and the Usages of our customers and patients, to address societal challenges.

Our organization




industrial partners


academic partners

A global ecosystem

The Group has over 1,000 researchers of 35 nationalities. R&D teams are based in 9 locations in Europe, Asia, and the United States, connected to world-class innovation ecosystems.

  • Delaware Research and Technology Center
  • Paris-Saclay Research Center
  • Air Liquide Medical Systems
  • Frankfurt Research and Technology Center
  • Schülke
  • Shanghai Research and Technology Center
  • Air Liquide Laboratories Korea
  • Air Liquide Laboratories
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    Delaware Research and Technology Center

    200 GBC Drive
    Newark, DE19702, USA
    Tel: +1 302 286 5400

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    Paris-Saclay Research Center

    1, Chemin de la Porte des Loges
    Les Loges-en-Josas - BP 126
    78354 Jouy-en-Josas, France
    Tel: +33 (0) 1 39 07 62 62

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    127, Chemin de la poudrerie - BP 90228
    81105 Castres cedex, France
    Tel: +33 (0)5 63 72 69 69

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    Air Liquide Medical Systems

    Parc de Haute Technologie
    6, rue Georges Besse
    92182 Antony, France
    Tel: +33 (0) 1 40 96 99 00

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    Frankfurt Research and Technology Center

    Air Liquide Forschung
    und Entwicklung GmbH
    Gwinnerstraße 27-33
    60388 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Tel: +49 69 4011 201

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    Robert-Koch Strasse 2
    22851 Norderstedt, Germany
    Tel: +49 40 521000

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    Shanghai Research and Technology Center

    Floor 23, Building 19
    No.1515 Gu Mei Road
    Shanghai, 200233, China
    Tel: +86 21 5800 5852

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    Air Liquide Laboratories Korea

    Suite 176
    Yonsei Engineering Research Park
    50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu
    Seoul 120-749, South-Korea
    Tel: +82 2 3019 2578

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    Air Liquide Laboratories

    28 Wadai, Tsukuba
    Ibaraki 300-4247, Japan
    Tel: +81 (0) 298 879 0050

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Laboratoire combustion du CRCD

To strengthen our R&D teams’ scientific and technical expertise and creativity, we develop sustainable partnerships with targeted industrial players, SMEs and startups, as well as with academic laboratories and technology institutes, in line with our “open innovation” program.

R&D Healthcare
Our R&D Healthcare is based on innovation.

Our Research & Development in Healthcare

Air Liquide Healthcare's Research & Development (R&D) strategy is founded on innovation. Thanks to innovation, we are developing new products and services in anticipation of needs, and to ensure the care pathway continuum.

Our interdisciplinary approach in medical R&D brings together respiratory physicians, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, pain management experts, and engineers.

We are managing preclinical programs and clinical trials in the respiratory field and also in other therapeutic area like anesthesia, analgesia...

Our new research centers

The Group is upgrading its main R&D center worldwide, in Paris-Saclay (France). In a unique building, 350 researchers currently working in 46 laboratories will thus be gathered together.

The researchers will have access to pilot platforms fitted with equipment for designing and testing leading-edge technologies under industrial-scale conditions. These teams of researchers and experts are representative of the overall research skills of the Group.

Crowd Shangai
The new Research & Technology Center was inaugurated in Shanghai on February 25, 2016 and will ultimately host 250 employees.

On February 25, 2016, Air Liquide inaugurated its new Shanghai Research and Technology Center (SRTC), located in the Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park, in the city’s Minhang District. This new center will ultimately host 250 employees. It will leverage the main innovation ecosystems in China, and will strengthen existing partnerships with Chinese academic bodies. With an amount of around 25 million euros, this investment will support the acceleration of our innovation in the Asia-Pacific.

Laboratoire photovoltaïque du CRCD

Air Liquide files around 300 patents every year. #invent, the program introduced to recognize the Group's inventors, rewards the inventors responsible for patents that are successfully marketed. Technical expertise is also recognized within the Group through the Technical Community Leaders (TCL) program, which has identified 2,500 experts who play a proactive role in sharing expertise, knowledge and technical excellence.

Air Liquide also celebrates its employee entrepreneurs who contribute to the innovation process by inventing new ways of developing the Group's business activities. The expertise in science and technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of Air Liquide people contribute significantly to the Group’s innovation and growth.

Together, our researchers and experts are shaping the world of tomorrow by developing cutting-edge solutions for Industry and Health.

Discover our Academic Partnerships of Excellence, R&D Competences and Expertises and our R&D Realizations.