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Ambition, commitments and objectives

Air Liquide strives to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Prerequisites to action: safety, ethics and respect of human rights

Safety is our licence to operate.

The Group also ensures strict  compliance with human rights and business ethics.

As part of our NEOS 2016-2020 company program, the Group has set two objectives in order to contribute to sustainability.

Improve air quality and prevent global warming

Air Liquide contributes to improving air quality in industry, transport and throughout its value chain. The Group’s activities, its expertise in terms of air, breathing and healthcare as well as its products and services related to the energy transition, enables it to work towards improving air quality.

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Strengthen dialog with stakeholders

It is by talking continuously and extensively with our stakeholders and collaborating and working together with them we can contribute to a more sustainable world.

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These two priorities, along with Air Liquide’s businesses, drive the Corporate Sustainability Program (CSP).

The Corporate Sustainability Program

In the past year, Air Liquide has been rolling out its Corporate Sustainability Program (CSP) within the Group to build projects and launch measures that improve air quality and which will limit climate change.

The CSP includes :

  • Solutions for clean industry
  • Solutions for clean transport
  • Measures to promote local development


The Global Compact, Responsible Care® Good Chemistry at Work

Air Liquide is dedicated to the highest standards for the conduct of its business. Air Liquide, through its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has signed the  United Nations Global Compact, an initiative in which the 10 founding principles relate to Human Rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Moreover, Air Liquide has signed the Responsible Care® Global Charter, an initiative of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) which aims to improve global performances in the chemical industry in terms of health, safety and the protection of the environment.

2017 Sustainable Development Report

2017 Sustainable Development Report

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