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Engineering & Construction


Large projects

Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen

Sustainable development

Create value and a sense of purpose

Creating economic value, but also contributing to meaningful growth is at the heart of the Group's development. Air Liquide has been working for a long time to combine growth and respect for the environment.

Prerequisites to action

Safety is an integral part of Air Liquide’s operational excellence and culture. The Group is committed to efficiently and under all circumstances reducing the exposure of its employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and local communities to professional and industrial risks. 

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Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of the Group’s ethical approach. They govern behaviors and actions of all employees. 

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Air Liquide subscribes to the highest standards in the conduct of its activities and ensures that human rights are respected in all its businesses.

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Climate objectives

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Environmental data

Each year, the Group publishes its extra-financial reporting in the Universal Registration Document. It includes data concerning the Group's greenhouse gas emissions, the origin of the electricity used for the plants and our water consumption.

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Vigilance plan

In accordance with article L. 225-102-4 of the French Commercial Code, the aim of the Vigilance Plan is to identify risks and prevent serious violations with respect to Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, to the health and safety of persons and to the environment, which may result from the activities of the Group, its subcontractors, or suppliers with whom Air Liquide has an established business relationship.

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Air Liquide's stakeholders are employees, shareholders, clients, patients, suppliers, the Foundation and the public sphere.

Air Liquide maintains an ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders.

2019 Universal Registration Document

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