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Being a shareholder means being
at the heart of society and its future.
It also means trusting and supporting
companies in their development.

At Air Liquide,
we are actively committed to achieving
long-term profitable growth and
working towards a more sustainable world every day.

Find out how,
as a shareholder of Air Liquide,
you contribute to a great
industrial adventure.

“As individual shareholding keeps decreasing in France, it is more and more necessary to remember the essential role that shareholders play in developing businesses and financing the real economy. At Air Liquide, we have a strong shareholder culture and each of our 410,000 shareholders can experience this in their daily lives.”
Benoît Potier,
Chairman and CEO

Individual shareholding,
a meaningful act

Shareholders speak with an open heart:
individual shareholders contribute to business development,
the real economy, and employment.
They tend to have a long-term vision of their investment
and view it as a civic commitment.

+ 191.2 %

In 2016, Air Liquide shareholders once again showed their support in the moments that count, namely the refinancing of the acquisition of Airgas.

Thanks to their strong commitment, the subscription rate
for the capital increase
reached 191.2%.

A share for a more sustainable world

As an Air Liquide shareholder, you contribute
to the development of a global leader that provides solutions
to respond to three major long-term trends and
that represent sources of future growth.




Together, let us participate in the energy and environmental transition

Air Liquide provides its customers with efficient solutions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Aiming to improve air quality, the Group is also investing in the development of clean transportation, in particular the hydrogen fueled car.

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Together, let us take part in the changes in healthcare

Health and well-being are growing issues worldwide. Air Liquide is therefore developing new products and services for healthcare professionals and patients, such as medical gases, home healthcare, hygiene products, and specialty ingredients.

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Together, let us contribute to digitization

Air Liquide responds to the new needs and usages of its customers, for example, with a system to remotely monitor patients’ compliance with medical treatments or even the connected cylinder. New technologies also play a key role at the plant of the future, with improved efficiency and reliability through Big Data analysis.

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A share for preparing your future

By becoming an Air Liquide shareholder, you are choosing to invest in a company that creates value over the long term for all its stakeholders.

Air Liquide,
a resilient business model

  • Geographic diversity
    80 countries

    Customer diversity
    3 million customers and patients

  • 67,000
    committed and creative employees

  • Activity diversity*
    Large Industries: 28%
    Industrial Merchant: 42%
    Healthcare: 17%
    Electronics: 9%
    Engineering & Construction: 2%
    Global Markets & Technologies: 2%

    *% 2016 Group revenue

Air Liquide,
a resilient business model

Mastering the entire industrial gases value chain, from designing production units to developing applications for customer processes, gives us a real competitive advantage.
In addition to its technical expertise, the Group benefits from the diversity of customers (the largest customer does not represent more than 1.4% of Group revenue) and business sectors. The Group’s presence in over 80 countries also contributes to its solidity.
Furthermore, the highly contractual nature of the business (long-term contracts, long-term rentals) provides cash flow visibility.
Lastly, the industrial gases sector is supported by increasing demand, particularly for new applications, and the outsourcing trend.

As such, Air Liquide’s business model is a solid one: by leveraging its positions in the world’s major industrial basins, its proprietary technologies, and its capacity for innovation, but also through sound management, the Group has demonstrated its ability to achieve strong and steady performance over the long term.

A Group driven by innovation

Proprietary technologies
At Air Liquide, innovation is at the heart of our strategy. The Group’s portfolio of proprietary technologies gives it an edge in new markets and allows it to guarantee its independence.

The number of patents filed by Air Liquide in 2016. This is also a concrete proof of the research work undertaken by our global innovation ecosystem.

Open innovation ability
By multiplying collaborations with customers, scientific partners and technological institutes, SMEs, suppliers, and start-ups, we significantly increase our ability to innovate.

A solid and consistent financial performance

In 2016, the Group achieved a solid performance following its acquisition of Airgas: revenue increased by 14.6%* to 18,135 million euros, net profit (Group share) rose 5.0% to 1,844 million euros, and net earnings per share went up by 2.4% to 5.11 euros.
* Excluding Welding and Diving, restated as discontinued operations.

A sustainable and responsible performance

For Air Liquide, performance is inseparable from responsibility and lies at the heart of its long-term ambition.


Frequency of accidents : number of accidents with at least one day of lost-time per million hours worked in 2016*


of women among Group employees in 2016**

More than 40%

of Group revenue related to protecting life and the environment

* Excluding Airgas and including Diving and Welding activities
** Excluding Airgas and the Welding activity

A share for long-term growth

The company’s share price has been growing steadily and has outperformed the CAC 40 over a 10-year period.

Past performances of Air Liquide’s share are not a guarantee of future results.

Rewarding loyalty


Shareholders who have held registered shares (either direct or intermediary) for more than two full calendar years benefit from a loyalty bonus, namely 10% more paid dividend and 10% more free shares being attributed.

A steadily expanding portfolio

Air Liquide has always striven to involve its shareholders in its success. In addition to the steady progression of the share price over the long term (history above), the dividend, the attribution of free shares and loyalty bonuses also contribute to returns over time.
This means that a shareholder who invested 100 euros in Air Liquide shares in registered form in 1996, reinvested his dividends in shares and benefited from the free share attributions, both eligible for the loyalty bonus, would own a portfolio amounting to 792.81 euros at December 31, 2016.

The Preferential Subscription Rights relating to the capital increase undertaken in September 2016 are recognized as having been sold, then reinvested in shares.

Together, we share much more than just shares

Individual shareholders are at the heart of Air Liquide’s creation. Nurturing a quality relationship with each of our shareholders is part of our DNA and is an on-going objective. This is why we manage direct registered shares internally, without any financial intermediary.

Putting our expertise to work for you

Throughout the year, our 28 Shareholder Services advisors are at your disposal. Their task? To guide you as a shareholder and to offer you personalized support:

  • We guide you in managing your share account
  • We help you understand the tax regulations
  • We support you in passing on your shares (gifting, inheritance)
  • We answer your questions about the payment of dividends and attributions of free shares
  • We execute your stock orders

We welcome you to the Shareholder Lounge

Are you a shareholder or do you have a question to ask our experts? Located at Air Liquide’s Head Office in Paris, the Shareholder Lounge is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with or without an appointment. Shareholder Services advisors at the Shareholder Lounge also deal with your written questions and phone calls.

  • 1,000
    visitors welcomed

  • 32,000
    emails and letters exchanged

  • 56,000
    phone calls received

2016 figures excluding the impact of the capital increase.

We meet with you throughout the year

As a shareholder, you are invited to the Group’s Annual General Meeting. Air Liquide strives to make sure that it is a special event at which shareholders can interact with the Group and learn more about the company. We place great importance on shareholder participation and voting, regardless of the number of shares held. Following every Annual General Meeting, Benoît Potier travels to two cities in France to present the Group’s results and outlook.
The Director of Shareholder Services also visits several French cities throughout the year.

We reserve a specific service for you if you hold registered shares

Transparency, responsiveness, loyalty bonuses... 236,000 Air Liquide shareholders have already chosen this shareholding option and the many advantages it offers. How about you?

Your intermediary registered shares are held in a share account or a share savings plan opened at your financial institution and recorded in your name in Air Liquide’s register.

Your direct registered shares are held in a share account opened at Air Liquide, recorded in your name in Air Liquide’s register and managed by the latter. Shareholder Services is your point of contact. You benefit from reduced brokerage fees and no handling fees.

If you choose to hold bearer shares, these will be held in a share account opened at your financial institution.

We make your life as a shareholder easier through digitization

Your Personal online account for registered shareholders, which can be accessed from the Shareholders section of the website, has been designed to help you manage your share portfolio easily and securely. You can access your management tools and information in just three clicks!

410,000 individual shareholders,
33% of capital

Beyond the figures, a great tale

Our individual shareholders are part of Air Liquide’s history. Their journeys, their motivations, and their beliefs help to move the Group forward.

Next generation industry
Air quality
Sustainable world
Hydrogen car
Medical research
Personal attachment
Passing on

"In the future, digital solutions will help optimize processes, improve safety and reliability, but there will always be assets and plants that need financing. That’s why we believe in the future of industry, especially Air Liquide’s future, and in the role that we as shareholders play in supporting its development."

Alain and Marie-Hélène R.
Air Liquide shareholders for next generation industry

"The Group is developing technologies which contribute to the protection of the environment and the improvement of air quality. Pollution alerts in major cities are a constant reminder of how important it is to develop clean solutions rapidly. By providing answers to these major challenges, Air Liquide generates growth while at the same time improving the lives of millions of people."

Cyril G.
Air Liquide shareholder for air quality

"I like the fact that there is a high proportion of individual shareholders in Air Liquide’s capital. The Group regularly communicates with individuals, and that changes everything! This proximity to the ordinary citizens, who are its shareholders, enables it to better understand and anticipate society’s expectations in terms of business and governance."

Nathalie B.
Citizen shareholder

"I want to do my bit to change the world: through my work and through my investment choices. This is why I am proud to be an Air Liquide employee and shareholder. I truly believe that Air Liquide, with all of its technologies and ideas, can contribute to a more sustainable world for my daughter and future generations."

Ines R.,
Air Liquide shareholder for a more sustainable world

"Cars are my passion and I believe that we must make them clean rather than ban them, so I’m delighted to see the acceleration in the development of hydrogen cars, with Air Liquide playing such a key role. I dreamt of hydrogen cars and I am sure that one day my grandson will drive one! As a shareholder, I feel part of Air Liquide’s financial performance, but also of its technological advances."

Pierre B., with Marguerite, Stéphane, Gabriel and Adrien
Air Liquide shareholder and visionary driver

"By investing in Air Liquide, we strongly feel we invest for our future. This is an appealing solution that should encourage young people to become shareholders in order to save for their future projects."

Florence B. with Jean-Julien S.
Air Liquide shareholders with many projects for the future!

"I have dedicated my life to medicine, I am thus able to appreciate everything Air Liquide does to support medical research. It is important for me to see my investment becoming an extension of my work for others."

Jean-Claude T.
Air Liquide shareholder since “forever”

"Air Liquide has a clear strategy which creates confidence and I really appreciate the high-level dialogue between the company and its shareholders. As parents, this decision is also a way to introduce our children to the stock market, which should be better known in France."

François F., with Valérie, Alice, Jeanne and Étienne
The whole family... as Air Liquide shareholders

"My father advised me to invest some of my savings in Air Liquide shares. But that’s not the only reason for my attachment. Over time, I have discovered and learned to appreciate what the expression 'sharing more than just a share' means to Air Liquide."

Stéphanie L.
Air Liquide shareholder on her father’s advice

"Our parents gave us our shares and we are holding on to them with the idea of giving them to our children. But beyond our shares, we intend to pass on an investment we trust and our shareholder culture, which entails a commitment over the long term."

Marie France and Daniel A.
Air Liquide shareholders from one generation to the next

Thinking about becoming an Air Liquide shareholder?

Do you want to be a part of our industrial adventure and help respond to our society’s major challenges, all whilst preparing for your and your family’s future? It’s simple, follow the guide! We will support you at every step.

How to become a shareholder ?
This content should not be considered as financial investment advice. Please refer to the risk factors detailed in the Reference Document, available at Past performances of Air Liquide’s shares are not a guarantee of future results.