Pass on my shares

Would you like to pass on your Air Liquide shares to your loved ones?

Discover your options and possible exemptions in our dedicated page.

If you are a direct registered Shareholder, click here to access the hand-to-hand gift form.

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Customary gifts are a way of gifting Air Liquide shares for a special occasion (Christmas, exams, birthdays, weddings, etc.). Their value must remain reasonable in relation to the financial situation of the grantor and you are not required to declare the gift to a notary.

Note that the loyalty bonus is maintained if the gift is made to a spouse or relative entitled to inherit.

For further information regarding the necessary formalities, please read our dedicated page.

If you are a direct registered Shareholder, click here to access the customary gifts form.

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The account holder themselves must pay for purchase orders. Payment of these orders by a third party is regarded by the tax authorities as a gift.

Would you like to give shares to your children or grandchildren? For further information please read our dedicated page.

A co-ownership account is a collective securities account on which no transactions can be carried out without the authorization of all co-owners.

Yes, via a simple gift or inter-vivos donation, opting for "distribution with reserve of usufruct." In this way, you transfer the bare ownership but maintain the usufruct. In other words, you continue to receive dividends, vote and take part in the Annual General Meetings. If the donation is made to a spouse or relative entitled to inherit, the loyalty bonus is maintained.

Note that an inter-vivos distribution donation allows you to transfer a greater number of securities than through a fully-owned donation while remaining below the taxable threshold. Bare ownership is valued based on the age of the beneficial owner. Your notary or legal advisor should remain your key advisor on this subject.

For further information regarding tax breaks on donations please read our dedicated Factsheet.

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